Woman Peace Building Award - Nicole Charron

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Nicole Charron a reçu la semaine dernière le prix «Woman Peace Building Award» de SCPC / CPSC) Service civil de la paix Canada, une distinction qui souligne son travail des 25 dernières années à titre de médiatrice en matière de conflits en milieu de travail et d'interventions en situation de conflit. Voir détails dans Le Droit
photo: Étienne Ranger, Le Droit
Nicole Charron has been an Organizational Development Consultant for the past fifteen years, after many years in the federal public service. Within this field she also practices Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in association with the Centre for Conflict Resolution International and with the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution at St-Paul University. She also practices: conflict coaching, healing after harassment in the workplace, mediation, team management and team building, conflict management, balancing professional, coaching in leadership and professional development and personal work life and humor in the workplace.
Her services were provided in the area of coaching clients in conflict management, building harmony in the workplace, alternative dispute resolution, change management, problem analysis and decision making processes, meeting and group process facilitation, reengineering, developing and conducting focus groups and professional development training and creating a learning organization. She is also developing an approach to create an harassment–free environment in the workplace.
She now teaches at Université du Québec at Hull, and helps shelters for abused women Centraide, Maison Alonzon Wright, etc .
The prize was awarded by Service civil de la paix Canada / Civilian Peace Service Canada (SCPC / CPSC)

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